Chapter 1. Quick Start

FEAR is currently aimed at users with Visual Studio compilers. Here's a summary of the steps you need to go to for FEAR to run from the source code.

  1. Game PlatformQuake 2 is required to run FEAR. This can be either the demo or the full version of the game. See this page for a detailed file by file installation procedure.

  2. Binaries — Once the default Quake 2 works, you can install the FEAR modification as a binary DLL. Extract the latest demo archive into the same directory as the game itself.

  3. Launching Demos — Click on the shortcut named (FEAR) Server to launch the game. Then type sv add Marvin (or another name) to insert that animat into the game. See this page for more detailed instuctions.

    • (FEAR) Server.lnk
    • Spectator.lnk & Player.lnk
  4. Source Code — Get the installer SDK and extract it to your hard drive. This also performs various configurations automatically. Read through this section to configure your machine manually.

  5. Dependencies — To compile the C++ files, the Boost library is required. Place it in the same directory as FEAR to avoid having to compile it yourself. See this piece for further assistance.

  6. Compilation — Open the workspace file #/FEAR.[dsw,sln] with your favourite IDE. Select Batch Build, select all the Debug configurations and Build All. Do the same for the animats in #/demos/Animats.[dsw,sln].

  7. Preparation — If you didn't use the installer, you may need to prepare a few files manually before the animats can be used. Copy the XML files from the animat's directory in #/build/install/, and place them in a subdirectory of the same name in Quake2/fear/animats. See this page for details of the procedure.

  8. Debugging — Launch your own animats in the same way as you did the binary demos. Place breakpoints in your Brain.cpp, and use standard debugging procedure. See this chapter for more help.

Naturally, it's recommended that you read the appropriate sections of this guide whenever you encounter problems.